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"Then there's Brazel's Mae, who not only won me over with her booming voice and big personality, but also her ability to mug for the audience as if she invented the concept." 

Mark Ruebling (River Cities' Reader)

Reefer Madness

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"Becca Brazel’s “It’s An Art” – a number about a waitress who considers serving tables a performance – is a showstopper." 

Thom White (River Cities' Reader)

Working: The Musical

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"I was particularly taken with Ms. Cox and Ms. Brazel, as their portrayal of adult sisters is so subtle, natural, and authentic that it's hard to believe they're not really sisters." 

Brighton Beach Memoirs

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"Other show highlights include the simple, heartfelt waltz of "You Oughta Be Here With Me" from Marjorie Gast, Becca Brazel and Noel Huntley." 

Jonathan Turner

Big River

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​"Becca Brazel has nice comic timing portraying Mrs. Clackett, the middle-aged housekeeper of an old English home owned by an absent landlord." 

Dee Canfield (River Cities' Reader)

Noises Off

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"So funny, so many good actors in that - Chris Galván and Brooke Schelly and Becca Brazel ... and Phil McKinley in drag, of course."  

Mike Schulz (River Cities' Reader)

The Importance of Being Earnest

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What Others Are Saying:

"Becca Brazel brings passion, depth and humanity to each role she plays.  Whether she is breaking your heart with a wrenching love song or making you double over with laughter as she plays a 17thc clown, she is always honest and compelling!  I have yet to see a role that she can't fill exquisitely. Speaking as a director, she is exactly the kind of actor I seek out. She makes my job very easy." 

Dr. Corinne Johnson, Professor/Director

St. Ambrose University

​"Becca Brazel is one of the most versatile artists I have had the pleasure of working with. It is not often you find a woman who is able to be a leading lady, a character actor, a stage manager, lighting designer and a TEAM PLAYER in every respect of the theatre. Not only does she "do it all", but she does it with excellence. I count myself blessed when I am able to work with Becca."

Kimberly Furness, Director/Producer/Actor

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