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"Then there's Brazel's Mae, who not only won me over with her booming voice and big personality, but also her ability to mug for the audience as if she invented the concept." 

Mark Ruebling (River Cities' Reader)

Reefer Madness

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"Becca Brazel’s “It’s An Art” – a number about a waitress who considers serving tables a performance – is a showstopper." 

Thom White (River Cities' Reader)

Working: The Musical

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"I was particularly taken with Ms. Cox and Ms. Brazel, as their portrayal of adult sisters is so subtle, natural, and authentic that it's hard to believe they're not really sisters." 

Brighton Beach Memoirs

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"Other show highlights include the simple, heartfelt waltz of "You Oughta Be Here With Me" from Marjorie Gast, Becca Brazel and Noel Huntley." 

Jonathan Turner

Big River

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